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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Turkey?

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Indeed, you can get a root canal in Turkey and this treatment is preferred by thousands of patients every year in the country. However, taking advantage of healthcare tourism packages in Turkey just for a root canal treatment may be costly. In this article, we have covered everything you may want to know.

Root canal treatment is one of the dental treatments, which is preferred to save the natural tooth as much as possible. Basically, the roots of your teeth will be intervened and filled with fillers to that you can keep your natural teeth.

How Much does a root canal cost in Turkey 2023

Besides, it is a quite beneficial treatment, and it is often implemented as a complimentary treatment. In other words, you will need root treatment first for the application of certain dental treatments.

Are Turkish Dentists and Dental Treatments Good?

root canal before and after

Whether you are looking for a cosmetic dentistry practice or looking for dental surgery, you may need root canal treatment. In these cases, you can perfectly trust Turkish dentists and clinics. They are one of the leading dentists in the world and every year, almost a million visitors visit the country to receive dental treatments.

Therefore, you can get all kinds of complementary treatments without any worries. Just like the ones you are going to have in your hometown, you can enjoy your root canal treatment for years by taking care of your dental health well. Your dentist will be sharing the details you need to know in this regard.

How Much Does a New Tooth Cost in Turkey?

What Are the Setbacks of Getting a Root Canal in Turkey?

Basically, we cannot say that there is any setback in getting a root canal treatment in Turkey. On the contrary, it offers numerous benefits. First of all, almost all clinics serving foreign patients are full-fledged clinics with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.

It is highly possible that an average dental clinic in Turkey is way more advanced and diverse in any clinic than in Europe and the United States. In addition to this, you can enjoy affordable pricing compared to any clinic in your own country.

Of course, visiting Turkey to only get a canal treatment will be costly. However, in case you are already going to receive other dental treatments, then you can consider having your canal treatment here.

2023 How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Turkey?

Although the pricing may vary depending on various factors such as your dental condition, the quality, and location of the clinic, or the reputation of your dentist, we have provided an average cost for you.

Root Canal Treatment in TurkeyAverage cost in Turkey USD ($)
Simple Root Canal Treatment$150
Complex Root Canal Treatment$250
CityAverage cost in Turkey USD ($)
Root Canal Treatment in Turkey: Cost, Procedure

In general, you can expect to pay between €150 and €250 per root canal treatment. This means that you will be paying around €160 to 270€ together with taxes, which is 8%. The good thing is most Turkish dental clinics will provide you with an exact cost before you visit the country and get services from them.

For this purpose, all you need to do is contact individual clinics and learn the details.

How Can I Find the Best Root Canal Treatment in Turkey?

How Can I Find the Best Root Canal Treatment in Turkey?

Root canal treatment is a pretty easy dental treatment that all dentists, even the newly graduated ones can perform without any challenge. What matters in this treatment is the quality of the materials used in the process.

In this respect, you will not have any difficulty in Turkey. All Turkish dental clinics use the best materials available in the industry to maximize their patient satisfaction rates. Of course, it will be a good idea to prefer clinics, which are widely preferred by foreigners.

Moreover, you may also want to check their Trustpilot reviews or testimonials left by their former patients to make better decisions.

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