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How Much Does a New Tooth Cost in Turkey?

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Turkey is the most preferred country for dental health tourism. Almost all dental clinics are equipped with the best equipment and technology to offer all dental solutions to their patients. Thus, more and more foreign patients started to receive treatment in Turkey.

How Much Does a New Tooth Cost in Turkey 2023

Today, you will be paying €400 to €750 for a new tooth in Turkey. You can receive the same and probably poorer quality treatment in most European countries for €3,500 or more. Well, how Turkish dental clinics can offer such affordable prices without giving up on the quality? You can keep reading to learn the answer to this question.

Treatment and cost compareDental Implant Cost in the US 2022US Dental Implant Cost in Turkey 2022
Zinedent Implant$1100$ 400
Multi Abutment$750$ 250
Zirconia Crown$1100$ 150
Total Cost$3950$ 800

Why Is Turkey Offer Really Cheap Prices?

Today, all advanced dental clinics have their own devices to create molds from the impression of patients. Later, they process these molds to create any tooth that their patients would like to have. Considering the cheap cost of living in Turkey, the prices became highly affordable for most foreign patients.

On the other hand, the prices are not cheap at all for any Turkish citizen. Considering that €1 is roughly equal to TL20, you will be receiving a very costly treatment. However, because of the devaluation of the Turkish Lira, especially in the last 5 years, the prices are quite cheap for many people from different countries.

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How to Get Precise Cost Information for a New Tooth in Turkey?

How to Get Precise Cost Information for a New Tooth in Turkey?

Keep in mind that many factors can affect the cost of a new tooth. Just like all dental treatments, a new tooth is also a custom service. This is why it will be better to contact the dental clinic you are planning to receive service before making your final decision.

Most Turkish dental clinics are able to provide precise information to their patients. All you need to do is visit their website and contact their representatives. Most of the time, you will have a chance to directly talk to the dentist, who will carry out your treatment. In this way, you can get the most accurate costs for your treatment.

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