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This website is designed to let you know more about our practice and our team and provide some general information about the treatment we provide.

The website is made available subject to this disclaimer, our terms of useprivacy policy and booking and cancellation policy.

We aim for our website content to be accurate and up to date but do not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions. We may amend our website content at any time without notice.

Nothing on this website is intended to be taken as treatment, advice or diagnosis of your dental or other health needs. You must see a dentist and discuss options for treatment before making a decision about your dental treatment. Always seek the advice of a health care professional for appropriate medical advice.

Be aware that any surgical or invasive procedure, such as tooth removal or implant placement, carries risk. You must discuss these types of procedures and their risks with your dentist before undertaking any treatment.

Case studies included on our website have been created from real patients and names may have been changed. These cases may not apply to your circumstances. Results achieved with one patient may not be achievable with another patient.